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Follow You (2)


Brainworm (20 pages) He comes in your dying days to steal your memories away.
Doll Parts (6 pages) Two lovers with unique bodies are the prey of a masked hunter.
Upstream/Downstream (8 pages) Early morning walks by the canal. Watch your step.
Tenderbox (1 page) One Crow-witch, one stone-soldier and a very special box.
The Black Hand Clan (12 pages) An evil clan of witches who use the remains of children to power their spells. Surely that's only a folktale?

Online Shop

You can now buy physical copies of my comics at my webshop. Titles include:

Mid Nights. Mad magical girl adventures.

The Black Hand Clan. Urban horror.

Visit http://sathollgordon.blogspot.co.uk/p/shop_03.html to find out more.

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Service Interrupted

Due to technical problems the second half of Upstream/Downstream will not be up today. Hopefully I will be able to have ready to read within the next few weeks.

posted by Antsy Penguin on August 26th, 2011, 4:34 am   ||   0 comments